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Moving Tips

Looking to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible? Follow these tried and true tips from the knowledgeable staff here at Spartan Vanlines!

Determine your services

No two moves are alike, which is why it’s important to first determine what types of services you need for a successful relocation. Will your move be local or long distance? Are you too busy to pack your home and require packing services? Do you have any antiques that require special care and attention? When determining your requested services, take into account your options, budget and time frame.

Book early

Moving companies book up fast, especially during moving season, which runs from May until September. To ensure you get the moving company you want, book as soon as you know your move date! Our customer service team would love to talk to you to discuss the details of your upcoming move!

Get an in-home estimate

Before officially booking your mover, it’s important to request an in-home estimate. While phone and online estimates can be helpful, to get the most accurate quote possible, we highly recommend setting up an on-site survey so our team can physically assess your belongings and give you a more precise quote.

Pack methodically

Always pack from least important to most important, with items that you don’t use very often getting packed before your everyday essentials. To stay even more organized, pack room to room, starting with the least used rooms first. Your kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms should be the last rooms you tackle.

Take care with fragile items

Use proper wrapping and packing techniques, plenty of cushioning, and extra tape to secure boxes containing fragile items. Be sure to clearly label any boxes containing breakables as “Fragile” and denote “This Side Up” with an arrow pointing to the lid of the box so movers know how to carry them and to use extra care when loading and unloading.

Label everything

After filling up a box with your belongings, properly seal and label it. At least two sides and the lid of the box should contain in legible writing where in your house the box should be placed. You should also include a general idea of what is inside the box -- this will make things much easier when it comes time to unpack!

Put together an overnight bag

Don’t force yourself to root through boxes on your first night in your new place -- pack a first night kit instead! Pack one box or bag with all the essentials (toiletries, a change of clothes, towels, etc.) you will need during your first night and keep it in your vehicle so you can easily access it once your move is completed.

Remove children and pets

For their safety as well as that of your movers, we recommend keeping children and pets out of the way on moving day. Ask a close friend or relative to get the kids and pets out of your house for the day so you can focus on your moving related tasks while they stay out of harm’s way.

Follow an unpacking schedule

To avoid a never-ending move, create an unpacking schedule and stick to it. Set aside time each day to unpack a little bit at a time, remembering to break down boxes as you go to avoid clutter. Remember, the sooner you finish unpacking, the sooner you will adjust to your new home!

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